Excel Business Tools Name Change

In 2006 Excel Business Tools changed its name to Business Spreadsheets. Visit Business Spreadsheets at:

Business Spreadsheets - Excel Templates for Business

Rebranding Rationale

Excel Business Tools was established in 2001 with the development of Excel based tools and templates to download for business decision making. In April 2004 Microsoft Corporation registered the trademark name Excel® for the Excel® spreadsheet application. Since trademark laws are retrospective, the business name and web site domain name for Excel Business Tools was deemed to be breach of the trademark name Excel®.

Business Spreadsheets Evolution

Since the rebranding of Excel Business Tools to Business Spreadsheets, focus has been on the development of spreadsheet solutions compatible with a wider range of spreadsheet applications including Excel for the Macintosh OS X operating system and the cross platform Open Office Calc solution. Further development was undertaken to provide a comprehensive directory of Excel business solutions comprising of Excel templates, add-ins and integrated solutions categorized by business requirements. In similar approach, an Excel help forum for business was established with focus on sharing Excel based solutions for business purposes.